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More ferns!

We had an excellent turn-out again on Wednesday.  We planted more ferns in the fernery (many thanks to David and Stella from Kevock Garden Plants) and some peonies in the east border.  Then more weeding and trimming.  Ian Ross made a great job of sharpening the tools, many thanks to him and to Sue of Asda who raised the cash.

IMG_6244 1 IMG_6243 1 IMG_6248 1 IMG_6242 1

At last, a Warm Wednesday!

It was a glorious, warm and productive morning although we did make time for coffee.  The spring colour has largely gone but clematis are starting to flower on the east wall.  The ferns are doing remarkably well, I think they have all survived their first few weeks at Starbank.  A special thanks to Bridget for bringing more ferns this morning.   The herbaceous borders and roses are thriving, too, and promise lots of colour in the summer.

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