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Gardening in the sunshine @StarbankPark, Wednesday, 13 March, 10-11.30

Well that’s what the forecast says! Lots to do, lots to admire and a very sociable elevenses to finish.  Please come along to help on Wednesday at 10, if you can.



Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 9 March, 10-11.30

Gardening on Saturday, 10-11.30.  Plenty to do and lots of spring flowers to admire!  Forecast is fair and there’s tea and coffee to finish.  Please come along to help if you can.

Gardening on Saturday @StarbankPark, 23 February, 10-11.30

Spring is getting near and there’s lots to do in the garden.  The Met  Office says the weather will be spring-like and it’s even looking like spring in the park.  Please come along to help if you can,  usual time, 10-11.30.


Wednesday Gardening @StarbankPark, 20 February, 10-11.30

There’s gardening on Wednesday at the usual time, 10-11.30.  Forecast is dry and breezy and quite warm for February.  There’s plenty to do, elevenses to finish and lots of spring flowers with even an occasional honey bee to enjoy .  Please come along to help if you can.