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Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 17 March, 10-11.30

We’ll be gardening on Saturday, usual time, 10-11.30.  A cold east wind is forecast but the park is well sheltered, there’s plenty to do and elevenses in the bothy to finish.  Please come along if you can.


Wednesday gardening @StarbankPark, 14 March, 10-11.30

The weather is set fair and it may not even be too cold.   Lots to do and elevenses afterwards, so, please come along to help!


Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 10 March, 10-11.30

Gardening on Saturday is at 10-11.30.  Lots to do, inside as well as out, so don’t let the wet forecast put you off.



Wednesday Gardening @StarbankPark, 7 March, 10-11.30

The snow’s going fast and the forecast is much improved so lets hope we can see the flowers.  There is plenty to do and, of course, we have elevenses to consume.  Please come along if you can.


Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 3 March, 10-11.30 – no gardening but there’s always something to do indoors, like drink coffee!


Wednesday Gardening @StarbankPark, weather permitting, 28 February, 10-11.30

Wednesday Gardening may be on if the Met Office has got it wrong (it has happened before!).  This time, however, the forecast looks pretty bad, although it doesn’t look too bad apart from the snow, bitter east wind and the freezing temperatures.



Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 24 February, 10-11.30

There’s gardening on Saturday, usual time.  Plenty to do and elevenses in our smart bothy to finish.  Forecast is bright and sunny but cold, so wrap up well!