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Planting summer bedding, weeding and edging in June warmth this morning @StarbankPark

Julie and her team brought the summer bedding and a combined effort meant that all the beds have been planted out already.  Thanks Julie, but it’s a shame about the grass! Lots more weeding, edging and ground preparation too.


Lovely morning @StarbankPark: plants planted, weeds weeded and edges trimmed.

Amazing transformation in the weather since yesterday! Wall to wall sunshine all morning and yesterdays rain made the ground perfect for planting.  Unfortunately the rain has also made for perfect conditions for the never-ending supply of weeds in the park!

Blue tits in the bird boxes in their first spring @StarbankPark

There are nests in three or four of the bird boxes, very pleasing.  Sorry about the photo, neither the camera nor the cameraman is good enough for this type of photo but you just can see the parent and the baby almost ready to leave.