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Collecting leaves, spreading compost and preparing for all our Christmas activities today @StarbankPark

Busy morning at the park. We must surely have collected all the leaves by now!  Best estimate is that we’ve collected a tonne and a half of leaves this autumn! The park is looking good, however, if a bit wintry!

Loads of leaves cleared up again by the volunteers @StarbankPark so plenty compost for next year!

I think we’ve broken the back of leaf-clearing from the grass at the park this year. Not much fun but at least there will be plenty good compost next year!

Joyce Kay and Jean Gilmour presenting Carola Graham’s lovely painting of Starbank Park to the Friends @StarbankPark on Wednesday

Joyce Kay and Jean Gilmour presented this lovely painting of Starbank Park by Carola Gordon to the Friends of Starbank Park on Wednesday. They had commissioned it as a thank you to Laverock House Nursing Home for caring for their Aunt, Beatrice Bain, who had loved Starbank Park. Sadly, the Home closed in September and the painting was given to the Friends as a thank you for restoring and maintaining the park.