The Friends of Starbank Park got off the ground in October 2013.  We believe that Starbank Park is worth restoring and that the residents of Trinity and Newhaven can make it happen.

Our aim is to return the Park to its former glory and to gain recognition of this with a prestigious Green Flag award (   The Friends of Starbank Park will work with local schools to exploit the park’s educational potential.  We will participate in community projects such as the Edible Gardening Project.  We’ll also explore whether recreational facilities for small children can be installed.

We are working closely with the Council, tidying up the flower borders in regular Wednesday morning gardening parties and we are making a difference already.


3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. B. Jeffrey

    Great work going on here by volunteers. This must be one of the best small parks in town. blighted only by dogs and their owners. Dogs tear through newly plated flower beds and the grass at lower level has be badly eroded by dogs. Come on owners, give these volunteers a chance…take your dogs elsewhere, this place is to small for “walking/running” dogs. .

  2. Christine Sadler

    Hi Janet
    Can you get back to me Re arrangements for Stan’s Birthday? I will come down and Help to set things up is 12 ok?
    Hope you are this as I dont have your fb address? I am having a wee surprise thing get together for Stan at our Walking Group on Thursday morning at the Hub here at Restalrig, just trying to make sure he is able to come n not doing anything at Starbank on Thursday morning??? Can someone pass this Message to Janet please,many many thanks, Christine


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