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Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 31 August, 10-11.30

Gardening on Saturday is at the usual time.  There is, as always, plenty to do and lots to enjoy in the park.  The forecast is “damp” but recent experience has undermined my confidence in the accuracy of Met Office local weather forecasts…

Please come along and help keep Starbank Park beautiful.



There’s plenty time to smell the roses during Wednesday gardening @StarbankPark, 28 August, 10-11.30

Gardening on Wednesday is the usual time, 10-11.30.  Lots to do and a fair forecast.  Please come along to help keep the park beautiful, enjoy the park and for elevenses.


Wednesday Gardening @StarbankPark, 14 August, 10-11.30

Hopefully, the worst of the August rain is past.  Forecast for Wednesday morning is cloudy but fair – not sure why I bother to look at the Met Office site after Saturday.  No matter, there’s plenty to do, elevenses to finish, lots to enjoy in the park and maybe even some crops to pick, so please come along to help, usual time, 10-11.30.


Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 10 August, 10-11.30

We’ll be gardening on Saturday at the usual time, 10-11.30.  Lots to do, as always this rainy year.  Forecast is for heavy showers, but that may change by Saturday.  Please come along if you can and at least enjoy the roses – not to mention all the other flowers.


Wednesday Gardening @StarbankPark, 7 August, 10-11.30

We’ll be gardening at the park on Wednesday at the usual time, 10-11.30.  The park is looking great but the daily rain means relentless weeds.  Please come along and help us keep them at bay.  The Met Office forecasts light showers (for that’s worth) but there’s plenty shelter, elevenses and good company!