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Fine morning for some autumn gardening @StarbankPark

Busy morning for the volunteers, planting planters, clearing leaves and spreading compost.

Gardening on Wednesday @StarbankPark, 6 November, 10-11.30

Gardening on Wednesday, usual time 10-11.30.  There’s plenty to do and a dry “forecast” from the Met Office so please come along and help.  But do wrap up well, it’s likely to be fairly chilly.


Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 2 November, 10-11.30

It can’t really be November already! There’s plenty to do in the Park on Saturday morning.  It’s at the usual time, 10-11.30.  The Met Office weather forecast is, unfortunately, wet but it’s far too early in the week for that to be definitive!


Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 19 October, 10-11.30

There will be gardening in the park on Saturday at the usual time, 10-11.30.  Forecast is for sunshine and light showers so let’s hope that we’ll just get the sunshine!  Please come along and help keep the park beautiful.