Please support the new nature trail at Starbank Park

The Friends of Starbank Park are raising funds for this children’s nature trail, and we are already more than halfway to our target of £5200.

We are working with Victoria Primary School to create a Hans Christian Andersen-inspired nature trail that will feature statues of some of his most well-loved characters, including the Little Mermaid, the Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina and the Snow Queen. Each story will have its own area beside the path, with log seats for children and insect friendly flowers and bushes. Hans Christian Anderson had a connection to Trinity. He lodged round the corner from Starbank Park at 73 East Trinity Road and visited James Young Simpson of chloroform fame, just across Laverockbank Road from the Park in 1847 so he might even have visited Starbank.

We are now asking for your support and help with donations via the MyParkScotland crowdfunding site As Ian Goodman, of MyParkScotland, said: “The Children’s Trail is an inspired project which will benefit children and visitors for Edinburgh and beyond. …Your donation, no matter how large or small will help bring this project to life.”April a 2015

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