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Happy Christmas TCV and thank you for your help

TCV’s team came at short notice today and did a huge amount of work.  They are a great team and good to be with.  They cleared tons of leaves from the bottom half of the park and the grass will be able to breathe again!

IMG_1307 1

The end of a hard day. The team collected at least 20 tonne bags of leaves

IMG_1310 1

Hardly a leaf in sight!

TCV at the Park again!

Super day at the park.  TCV came again to Starbank today.  They dug over empty bedding borders, spread compost, weeded and did a marvellous job again!  Many thanks to Tim and all his team for their help.  They have made a big difference.hard at work the end of the day The park was looking good in the sunshine, with loads of colour and a few toadstools.IMG_0917 1 late sunflower IMG_0973 1IMG_0952fuschiaanenome

Daffodils, geraniums and a splash of colour

After the huge efforts from the TCV team yesterday, this morning we finished planting the daffodils and geraniums down the bank.  It was hard going but an infusion of Australian youth helped dig lots of holes for bulbs and plants in rough ground.  Many thanks, Michael.  Park is looking good this autumn with lots of colour still.  Not to mention the odd tayberry, too.

IMG_0762 1 IMG_0764 1  IMG_0677IMG_0679 IMG_0675 IMG_0767 1