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Gardening: Wednesday 11 May, 10-11.30

There’s a gardening session on Wednesday and the forecast’s good!  OK, it’s good apart from the East wind but the park is sheltered!
Please come along if you can.

Perfect Timing for the Cherry Blossom Picnic, 7 May, 3.00-5.00

The Cherry Blossom has timed its appearance perfectly! IMG_2351 1IMG_2343 1IMG_2342 1

A visitor and lots of weeding

Catherine Cumming from Edinburgh Living Landscape came to visit us today.  We had an interesting chat about the park and about the Living Landscape project and then Catherine helped with the weeding, many thanks.

IMG_5473 1

Weather felt more like March than May but we had a productive morning.  Loads of borders were edged and weeded and the park is much tidier and looking good.  There are even a few cherries still flowering.

IMG_5476 (2)IMG_5477 1IMG_5478 1IMG_5480 1IMG_5483 (2)IMG_5482 1