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Sunshine, Warmth and Weeding

The park is looking good after a great turn-out and a load of work done in the sunshine.  We, of course,  managed rest and recreation after all the hard work.

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Bird and bat boxes nearly ready

We nearly there with the bird and bat boxes.  It’s all part of our nature trail!  A substantial batch was delivered to the park yesterday.  Special thanks to Sinclair, Tom, Roy and Sandy for their special help, to Forth Youth Theatre for the use of their workshop facilities and to Action Earth for funding the construction of these boxes.

IMG_2103 1

ready for delivery

IMG_2126 1

Ready for finishing

First Batch of Bat Boxes

Our first batch of Kent bat boxes is just about ready for our nature trail.  Many thanks to Action Earth for the grant and to Tom Stewart and the Forth Youth Theatre for the help and workshop facilities.  The rest should be assembled by the end of next week.

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Easter Egg Hunt – What a Great Morning!

It was a glorious spring morning, there was a fantastic turn-out, loads of great helpers, buckets of chocolate, Janet’s terrific organisation and, I nearly forgot, the scary Easter Bunny! It was a perfect recipe for a perfect day!

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Easter Egg Hunt: it’s today, 10.30 at Starbank Park!

For 3 to 8 year olds.  Lots of activities, lots of prizes, lots of refreshments, lovely flowers, great views  – where better to take the kids on fine March morning!

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All donations will go to the Nature Trail.